Brett Alton said:

Hi everyone,

I remember discussing a while back my intentions of helping you guys
with web development, but nothing came of it and I wasn't subscribed
to the list to hear what has been going on recently.

So firstly, LOVE the new website!

Secondly however, I have an interface issue, mainly with the screenshots[1].

Whenever you click on a screenshot, you are sent to a new page to
display the image and then have to click the back button before
clicking on another photo. Since I noticed you guys are already using
scriptalicious and prototype, I suggest pluging in Lightbox[2] at the
same time.

For those of you who don't know what lightbox is, it's a javascript
tool and some pretty CSS that allow the user to view an image (with
the background faded 70% to black) and can click 'next', 'next',
'next' to see each image.

I'm sure your web developer is capable of this, but I'd also like to
reach my hand in helping you guys in anyway shape or form with web
development. If you look at my portfolio [3], you can see
jQuery/lightbox in action. And for those of you who don't know, I help
with the interface when I can, but I'm looking to extend a
hand to even more open source projects.

Let me know!


I think this is something that make websites more annoying and less accesible, but what do I know? It seems to do more harm than good and doesn't really have any benefits but making the website seem slower.

I know I might sound cynical, but websites like have been doing these kinds of things and it just makes it a pain to navigate, view, and save pictures.