I felt remorse after killing the crappy/outdated/uninformative roadmap we had in the wiki: http://wiki.pitivi.org/index.php?title=Roadmap&oldid=3203

So I decided to resurrect it and rewrite it from scratch. Obviously, the devs are too busy fixing the code to spend time organizing/planning this kind of stuff, but I believe it is important to properly communicate our long-term project goals and direction to the outside world and to set some things straight (I wrote a big section on "no, we're not a WMM clone!").

I wrote it based on my "personal/perceived roadmap" for the project. Hopefully, with time and experience (and way too many hours spent arguing in #pitivi), I have come to know some of the long-term wishes of the developers, so, *hopefully*, this roadmap should actually match with their goals. If not, please feel free to correct me (or throw heavy objects in my general direction).

I thought I'd post the link here to get some early feedback before publicizing it more widely.

The roadmap is dead. Long live the roadmap!

-- nekohayo