Hi all!


I am a fourth year master student in Media Technology (which is a computer science master geared towards computer graphics and other media applications). I am currently based in Norrköping which is a Campus at Linköping University.


I am really interested in applying for PiTiVi in this year’s Google Summer of Code. I am particularly interested in implementing time stretching. From my studies I consider myself to have a good knowledge in image processing techniques and programming these. I have not contributed to PiTiVi before but I have used it and felt it lacked some features which I now see in the GSoC list J and that’s why I decided I wanted to help. My question then is, if I have no prior contributions to PiTiVi, what are my chances of being accepted?


This is a link to an open source Monte Carlo RayTracer implemented in a course at the university: https://github.com/abbec/flaXx. Just if you want to see something I have done J


Best regards,

Albert Cervin