do you have access to your http server access/error logs?

do the pics exist where the config says they are?

I don't see config file errors which point this to being a different problem?

On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 2:29 PM, David Pedu <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm having an issue with pisg not showing user pics for all but one user's picture.

My configuration is as follows:

<user nick="gmx" alias="gmxgeek" pic="gmx.jpg">
<user nick="sav" alias="Savoie " pic="sav*.jpg">
<user nick="tabmonkey" alias="tabWork tabSleep tabAway">
<user nick="RyanRolls" alias="RyanRolls\\" pic="ryan.jpg">
<user nick="Mcderg" alias="Mcderg\">
<user nick="xMopxShell" alias="xMopxShell xMopx xMopxWork xMopxPhone" pic="xmopx.jpg">
<user nick="CaptainCrims" alias="CaptianCrimson CC_Away" pic="cc.jpg">
<user nick="djmixerbox" pic="dj.jpg">
<user nick="BroBuzz" pic="bro.jpg">
<user nick="Lil_Mac" alias="Lil_Mac|AFK" pic="lilmac.jpg">
<user nick="Random902" pic="random.jpg">
<user nick="Resolutions" pic="reso.jpg">

<set Maintainer="xMopx">
<user nick="and" ignore="y">
<user nick="he" ignore="y">
<user nick="we" ignore="y">
<user nick="pls" ignore="y">

<set ShowMostActiveByHour="1">
<set ShowMostActiveByHourGraph="1">
<set ActiveNicksByHour="15">
<set ShowWpl="1">
<set ShowWords="1">
<set ShowLineTime="1">
<set ShowSmileys="1">
<set ShowKarma="1">
<set UserPics="yes">
<set TopicHistory="5">

<set PicLocation="gfx">
<set ImagePath="userpics/">
<set ImageGlobPath="../htm/userpics/">
<set UserPics="1">
#<set DefaultPic="unknown.jpg">


The only user that gets a picture showing up is "CaptainCrims". Which is the actual nick, but cut short?

If I enable DefaultPic, all the users do get a default pic shown, instead of their image. 

Dave Pedu

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