Hello I have tried searching the internet for a answer but theres not much out there about PISG. I setup PISG with this config:


mychannel is not the real channel name just used for this example.

I have a logfile about 3mb in size and the lines from the log file are this:

T 1348129580 19*    19Now talking on #mychannel
T 1348129892 23*    23nOgAnO has quit (23Ping timeout: 240 seconds23)

Theres some block looking things (color codes I'm assuming) that don't show up in the copy and paste and you can see the numbers in places "seconds23)"
How can I fix this? I've checked the logging options of Xchat and cannot find anything to change to help this. I'm using Xchat 2.8.8 on Fedora.