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Project management:

  - Morten Brix Pedersen <morten(at)wtf.dk>
  - Christoph Berg <cb(at)df7cb.de>
  - James "HM2K" <james(at)hm2k.org>

Major contributions:

  - Winfried Nessen <doomy(at)doomshammer.yi.org>
  - Jamie Cheetham <jamie(at)softham.co.uk>
  - Sam Bingner <sam(at)dhs.org>
  - Torbjörn Svensson <azoff(at)se.linux.org>: ShowFoulDecimals and AltColorScheme
    options, multiple channels with same name, multiple languages per run,
    lots of other fixes, pum.pl

Other contributors:

  - Stefan aka Flyghost <flyghost(at)ghosthouse.cx>: Code contribution and fixes
  - P. Gnodde aka Shogun <peter(at)pcswebdesign.nl>: Lots of feature enhancements and code cleanups, thanks!
  - Steve Tibold aka T0mcat <t0mcat(at)chat.lu>: Tons of ideas
  - Markus Geiger <mail(at)markus-geiger.net>: Alias/nick replacement
  - Joakim Sandström <joose(at)nalle.puh.org>: Ideas and bugfixes
  - Ryan Ryttie <kesu(at)kesuki.dyndns.org>: xchat logfiles request/help
  - Laocius <irish(at)rook.lug.usf.edu>: The features 'most used words' and 'most referenced nicks'
  - Luca (eni) <adsl.help(at)dada.it>: Reported a very small, but stupid bug with the xchat fileformat :)
  - kiss dess <duvet(at)mail.com>: Found a few minor bugs. And added replace_links()
  - S. William Schulz <sws(at)astrum.com>:
    Better commandline arguments, --help and fixed indenting problems with
    xchat logs, also fixed a critical thing with --format, --silent switch
  - Tim Hunter <tim(at)quic.net>: 'shortest lines', 'most fouls', 'pageheader' and more. 
  - Sascha Lüdecke <sascha(at)meta-x.de>: Compressed files, addition of --prefix, and 
    sorting of files in logdirs
  - Gandalf the Grey <gandalf(at)irc.pl>: egg2mirc.awk script.
  - Hanno Hecker (Vetinari) <vetinari(at)ankh-morp.org>:
    Lots of feature additions and code cleanups, thanks!
    Updates to German translation, some patches for words and the feature 'most words'.
  - Anders Rune Jensen (Superduck) <daserver(at)sol.dk>: Language specific dates on stats page
  - Christian Legler <capt(at)capt.de>: New images for pisg
  - Phil Gregory <phil_g(at)pobox.com>: Regex support in user aliases, grammar
    corrections, huge changes to modularize pisg into packages/objects.: 'bigpic' user option
  - Patrick Aussems aka Zyk <zyk(at)bugfactory.org>:
    New options: show_mrn, show_mru, show_muw, show_randquote
  - David Leadbeater: Flexibility to irssi logfiles.
  - Mouky <mouky(at)m6net.fr>:
    Updates to French template, grammar/gender/spelling corrections.
  - deadlock <deadlock(at)cheeseheadz.net>: addalias.pl version 2, handling of users
    already in config file, obsoletin of addalias.htm and more configurable script.
  - Nicholas Frampton <whyrl(at)avians.net>: infobot logfile support
  - Mo-Ize <mo-ize(at)pas-tres.net>: zcbot logfile support
  - Azhrarn <Azhrarn(at)winbot.co.uk>: winbot logfile support, Trillian logfile support
     windows-ftp-upload.txt addition
  - Andrew <andy(at)lewman.com>: axur logfile support
  - EQU <equ(at)equnet.org>: oer logfile support
  - "Travis Roy" <travis(at)scootz.net>: perlbot logfile support
  - Nathan Poznick: Ability to specify multiple LogFiles and LogDirs.
  - HM 2K <nfhm2k(at)gmail.com>: eggdrop-pisg.tcl for running pisg from eggdrop
  - Julien Danjou <acid(at)debian.org>: pisg(1) manpage
  - coaster: improved mirc6hack.mrc
  - Vianney Lecroart <acemtp(at)free.fr>: lulubot parser
  - Christian Garbs (mastermitch): "Latest Topics" displays date
  - James Vega (jamessan): Update for supy.pm
  - Axel 'XTaran' Beckert <abe(at)deuxchevaux.org>: pum.pl
  - Kresten Kjeldgaard <gathond(at)gathond.dk>: miau parser
  - Teemu Koskinen: patches to speed up karma parsing and code cleanup
  - KenjiE20: weechat3 parser


  - Kim Ingemann (KimI) <mail(at)pingvinland.dk>: Danish translation
  - Molator <molator(at)ifrance.com>: French translation
  - Sheuron Azxe <xeron(at)cfutura.com>: Spanish translation
  - Gandalf the Grey <gandalf(at)irc.pl>: Polish translation
  - Andreas Blaafladt <coronel(at)dalnet.no>: Norwegian translation
  - JaMiR0W <jamirow(at)ig.com.br>: Portugese translation
  - Pyrofikiemaan <gassman65(at)hotmail.com>: Dutch translation
  - Andreas Henriksson <gem(at)home.se>: Swedish translation
  - Kirler(at)paincreators <kirler(at)letku.net>: Finnish translation.
  - Ales Tepina <ales.tepina(at)guest.arnes.si>: Slovenian translation
  - Gyuri Horak <dyuri(at)dyuri.sch.bme.hu>: Hungarian translation
  - Pascal Brax <god(at)pascalbrax.com>: Italian translation
  - Tiniduske <tiniduske(at)telenet.be>: updated Dutch translation
  - Jeroen van Nimwegen <jeroen.van.nimwegen(at)gmail.com>: updated Dutch translation
  - Tjavdar Ivanov <ivtj(at)ing.hj.se>: Update for Bulgarian translation
  - Guilherme Barile <guigouz(at)gmail.com>: updated Portuguese/Brazil translation
  - Antoni Grzymała <antoni(at)chopin.edu.pl>: updated Polish translation
  - NonExistenT <non3x(at)non3x.net>: updated Russian translation
  - Silviu Foca <silviu.foca(at)gmail.com>: updated Romanian translation
  - Michal Stano <mikezzsta(at)gmail.com>: updated Slovak translation
  - Pavel Kouril <paulway(at)gmail.com>: updated Czech translation
  - Sentence <Sentence(at)unencanto.es>: updated Catalan translation
  - Lajos Galambosi <contact(at)utp.hu>: updated Hungarian translation
  - Gökhan <eaqle(at)msn.com>: updated Turkish translation
  - Zoran <zoran(at)infoklub.net>: updated Serbian translation
  - Matti Peltola <aqvalar(at)gmail.com>: Finish translation
  - skiidoo: updated French translation

  If your name is not here, and you've contributed, it's just an oversight.
  Please mail us and we'll add you to the list: