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[2002-12-09 09:20] *** Connecting to iaconhub.com...
[2002-12-09 09:20] *** Connected
[2002-12-09 09:20] <Hub-Security> This hub is running version 1.0.25 of the NeoModus Direct Connect Hub Software.
[2002-12-09 09:20] <Hub-Security> Your name is registered, please supply the password.
[2002-12-09 09:20] <Hub-Security> Logged in.
[2002-12-09 09:20] Private message from Hub: We are beta testing a trivia bot! type !tb help for info!
[2002-12-09 09:20] <Hub-Security> bigbot is in IaconHub!
[2002-12-09 09:20] <.:MatrixOfLeadership:.> Welcome bigbot. You have ADMIN status in the hub.
Type #Help in either mainchat or in a PM to .:MatrixOfLeadership:. to get your available commands.
[2002-12-11 15:19] <bigbot> yeah, i'd like one of those, but getting them over here would be too expensive for me
[2002-12-11 15:20] <Artsenal> ymaybe just wait until botcon cause they sell them pretty cheap there
[2002-12-11 15:20] <Artsenal> that is if you go to botcon
[2002-12-11 15:20] <bigbot> I doubt I'll go there, I'll be happy with what Hasbro is releasing for the moment
[2002-12-11 15:21] <Artsenal> hey are u da same bigbot from bigbot.com?
[2002-12-11 15:21] <bigbot> nope
[2002-12-11 15:21] <bigbot> completely different
[2002-12-11 15:22] <Artsenal> 'kay, it seems like everyday i meet a new tf fan, just thought you might be the same person
[2002-12-11 15:23] <bigbot> ah, well I'm not him. I'm yakko on most TF Boards and in here when I'm at home
[2002-12-11 15:25] <Hub-Security> Stone_Cold is in IaconHub!
[2002-12-11 15:29] <Hub-Security> Risk is in IaconHub!
[2002-12-11 15:30] <Hub-Security> Stone_Cold is in IaconHub!
[2002-12-11 15:31] <Yeti> bonza, buds!
[2002-12-11 15:31] <bigbot> howdy
[2002-12-11 15:31] <Yeti> hi Boss monkey!
[2002-12-11 15:32] <bigbot> You got any more feedback on that wallpaper?
[2002-12-11 15:32] <bigbot> I'm using it on my laptop :)
[2002-12-11 15:32] <Yeti> that link on your page has worked won ders, passed the 190 count!!, no feedback tho
[2002-12-11 15:33] <Yeti> which one, the iacon hub one?
[2002-12-11 15:33] <bigbot> yeah
[2002-12-11 15:33] <bigbot> i'm glad we're sending you hits :)
[2002-12-11 15:34] <Yeti> cool, thx, in that order, gonna do an update tonight, will be putting a links bit in, you never know, I may be able to send you some:0
[2002-12-11 15:34] <Yeti> :0)
[2002-12-11 15:34] <bigbot> heh, thx
[2002-12-11 15:35] <Yeti> gotta go, rubbish taking out time. cya later.
[2002-12-11 15:35] <bigbot> bigbot is kicking yakko_-_mac_NMDC because: Testing
[2002-12-11 15:35] <Hub-Security> The user yakko_-_mac_NMDC was kicked by bigbot. IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
[2002-12-11 15:35] <.:MatrixOfLeadership:.> [AU]Terra-O@H Was banned by Botimus_VB+ because You have been warned about your porn (3 times, arin't we nice) so here is your reward. Happy Thanks Giving.
[2002-12-11 15:35] <bigbot> later yeti