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pirate! Website Launch

The new website for pirate! has just been launched and is available at http://pirate-js.sourceforge.net. It is a little bit barren regarding features, but over time that problem should take care of itself.

Still looking for someone with the desire to do some documentation or demonstration work. Also still looking for someone to take over work on the public Harbor.

Posted by Eric Ryan Harrison 2006-08-04

pirate! Seeking Developers

The pirate! project is in desperate need of people to fill the following roles:

Web Developer - develop and maintain a page for pirate!

Harbor Master - project manager in charge of all entries into the public pirate! Harbor.

Ship Builders - build and release various Ships for public consumption and bundling in primary pirate! release.

If you are interested in filling any of these positions or you want to know more about them, please feel free to email Eric at blister[at]gmail_dot_com.

Posted by Eric Ryan Harrison 2006-07-28

Pirate Sourceforge Project Created and Initial Dev Release!

Today I finally found time to port pirate over to the internet from our intranet where it has been incubating for the last few weeks. Once I got it moved over, I scrambled around trying to find a place to store all of my files so that other people interested in this project could at least download them to view the code. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Sourceforge project had been approved. ... read more

Posted by Eric Ryan Harrison 2006-07-27