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Tree [r31] /

File Date Author Commit
2DGame 2011-10-23 finic [r2] version 1.0.1
blitz 2011-12-29 finic [r5] alpha Blitz Basic wrapper
irr_asm 2011-10-23 finic [r2] version 1.0.1
irr_fb 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
irr_tcc 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
irrlicht_c 2012-04-12 finic [r29] more functional with CGUIFileSelector then IGUI...
irrlicht_swig 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
lang 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
thinBasic 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
2DFractal.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
2DGame.py 2012-03-26 finic [r23] version 1.0.9
2DGraphics.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
2d_maze.py 2011-10-23 finic [r2] version 1.0.1
3d_maze.py 2012-03-14 finic [r22] new 3d maze with continue levels
ChessGUI_Irrlicht_Table.py 2012-02-28 finic [r15] support Irrlicht 1.7.3
Collision.py 2012-01-21 finic [r6] new subversion
Collision_py.py 2012-01-21 finic [r6] new subversion
CustomSceneNode.py 2012-01-21 finic [r6] new subversion
HelloWorld.py 2012-03-26 finic [r23] version 1.0.9
IEventReceiver_c++.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
IEventReceiver_example.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
Meshviewer.py 2012-03-26 finic [r23] version 1.0.9
MouseAndJoystick.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
Movement.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
PKG-INFO 2012-04-11 finic [r28] new converted pyMunk example
Quake3Explorer.py 2012-01-21 finic [r6] new subversion
Quake3Map.py 2012-01-21 finic [r6] new subversion
README 2011-10-23 finic [r2] version 1.0.1
Randomizer.cpp 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
Randomizer.py 2012-01-21 finic [r6] new subversion
Randomizer_old.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
SpecialFX.py 2012-03-26 finic [r23] version 1.0.9
UserInterface.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
VehicleSceneNode.py 2012-01-28 finic [r7] new example VehicleSceneNode.py
bee.svg 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
bricka_i.py 2012-04-13 finic [r31] some bugs fixed
cartoon_tiger.svg 2011-12-21 finic [r4] first experimental svg support based on irrlich...
cellular.py 2012-02-09 finic [r12] procedural cellular texture generator
chess.ttf 2012-02-28 finic [r15] support Irrlicht 1.7.3
colobok.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
draw3DBox.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
entrain.py 2012-01-21 finic [r6] new subversion
h2bi.py 2011-10-23 finic [r2] version 1.0.1
h2ctypes.py 2012-04-13 finic [r31] some bugs fixed
irrlicht_c.dll 2012-04-12 finic [r29] more functional with CGUIFileSelector then IGUI...
irrlicht_c_173.dll 2012-04-12 finic [r29] more functional with CGUIFileSelector then IGUI...
main_loop_example.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
named_colors.py 2011-12-21 finic [r4] first experimental svg support based on irrlich...
pyge.py 2012-04-13 finic [r31] some bugs fixed
pyirrlicht.ico 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
pyirrlicht.png 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
pyirrlicht.py 2012-04-13 finic [r31] some bugs fixed
pymunk_balls_and_lines.py 2012-04-11 finic [r28] new converted pyMunk example
pymunk_bouncing_balls.py 2012-04-11 finic [r27] new pyMunk example converted
pymunk_slide_and_pinjoint.py 2012-04-11 finic [r28] new converted pyMunk example
pyode_tutorial3.py 2012-03-26 finic [r23] version 1.0.9
snow.py 2012-03-26 finic [r23] version 1.0.9
svg_loader_test.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
svg_test.py 2012-04-13 finic [r31] some bugs fixed
svg_viewer.py 2012-04-13 finic [r31] some bugs fixed
test_matrix.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
test_py2.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
test_py3.py 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
test_python26.bat 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
test_python32.bat 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
test_svg_agg_image.py 2012-04-13 finic [r31] some bugs fixed
test_svg_cairo_image.py 2012-04-13 finic [r31] some bugs fixed
test_text3d.py 2012-04-09 finic [r26] S3DVertex2TCoords and S3DVertexTangents impleme...
test_vector3d.py 2011-10-23 finic [r2] version 1.0.1
tests.bat 2012-02-29 finic [r16] add new game - bricka (breakout clone)
tiger.svg 2011-07-13 finic [r1] version 0.9.9
video_choice_dialog.py 2012-03-26 finic [r23] version 1.0.9
wireframe_core.py 2011-10-23 finic [r2] version 1.0.1
wireframe_cube.py 2011-10-23 finic [r2] version 1.0.1
wireframe_test.py 2011-10-23 finic [r2] version 1.0.1
wxIrrlicht.py 2012-04-12 finic [r30] addZipFileArchive deprecated, use addFileArchiv...

Read Me

pyirrlicht - is a ctypes Python module for the Irrlicht Engine SDK (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net). See 'HelloWorld.py' for an example of a Python script accessing and controlling Irrlicht, simple end game for win32 http://vosolok2008.narod.ru/Randomizer.zip. dll is compiled with static version Irrlicht and not require ext libs. Vector fonts is supported. Partial support SVG image files.

The Irrlicht Engine is intended to be an easy-to-use 3d engine.
If you have any questions or suggestions, just send a email to the author of the engine, Nikolaus Gebhardt (niko (at) irrlicht3d.org).

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning pyirrlicht, send a email to the lead Developer, Max Kolosov (maxkolosov (at) inbox.ru).	

Project home pages:
http://pir.sourceforge.net or http://code.google.com/p/pyirrlicht or http://vosolok2008.narod.ru

SVN is:
http://svn.emforge.net/svnroot/pyirrlicht/ or http://code.google.com/p/pyirrlicht/source

Thanks to:
Irrlicht team.

Also thanks:
MadHyde: Irrlicht Multilingual version
URL    : http://etwas.wolfish.org/Irrlicht/irrlichtml_en.html
Forum  : http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6513
zgock: irrTT & MultiByte Language support pack author
URL : http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1089
uirou: Input Composition window Update code author
URL : http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=11399
solehome: irrTT crash bug fixer
URL : http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=9470
venomj: IME-aware code for Windows author
URL : http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=17830
Nalin: New CGUITTFont author
URL : http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=8214

Bugs with SJoystickInfo found Patrick Corwin, thanks Patrick.

The main tester and English translator is Bill Showkowy (a.k.a. Dr.Bill)
Very many thanks for Dr.Bill

Also thanks for testing Sir.Hans from Irrlicht forum.

If you needed more stable and more powerfull Irrlicht-Python wraper, see nested irrlicht_swig and this is more dependent from Python versions.
Ready windows pyd files for different Python versions download from http://vosolok2008.narod.ru.

FreeBASIC object oriented library see to h2bi.py and "irr_fb" directory.
thinBasic examples see from "thinBasic" directory.

Also accessible FASM and TinyCC usage, look "irr_asm" and "irr_tcc" directory.

Some files:
h2ctypes.py (C++ -> py helper generator),
h2bi.py (FreeBASIC wraper generator).