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Diff of /irrlicht_c/_ITexture.h [r14] .. [r15] Maximize Restore

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--- a/irrlicht_c/_ITexture.h
+++ b/irrlicht_c/_ITexture.h
@@ -8,7 +8,11 @@
 //================= ITexture
 //IRRLICHT_C_API ITexture* ITexture_ctor(const io::path& name){return new ITexture(name);}
+IRRLICHT_C_API void* ITexture_lock(ITexture* pointer, bool readOnly = false, u32 mipmapLevel = 0){return pointer->lock(readOnly, mipmapLevel);}
 IRRLICHT_C_API void* ITexture_lock(ITexture* pointer, E_TEXTURE_LOCK_MODE mode = ETLM_READ_WRITE, u32 mipmapLevel = 0){return pointer->lock(mode, mipmapLevel);}
 IRRLICHT_C_API void ITexture_unlock(ITexture* pointer){pointer->unlock();}
 IRRLICHT_C_API const dimension2d<u32>& ITexture_getOriginalSize(ITexture* pointer){return (const dimension2d<u32>&)pointer->getOriginalSize();}
 IRRLICHT_C_API const dimension2d<u32>& ITexture_getSize(ITexture* pointer){return (const dimension2d<u32>&)pointer->getSize();}