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PIP Classes

  • Sean Connelly
    Sean Connelly

    I understand that developing my own PIP classes will not be readily available in this early release.

    In the mean time I wonder if it would be possible to get some more information of what we can expect. Perhaps it would be possible to post one or two examples of the syntax?

    I noticed that packages are not currently implemented. I can see this being an essential feature, especially if the FOSS community is going to contribute library code. Can we hope to see this? I will be interested to see how you solve the translation of package.class names into unique routine names.

    Presumably inheritance will behave as it does in most OO languages. I’m not sure what other people here would suggest but I would prefer to see interfaces and multiple interface inheritance over multiple inheritance (if you get this far in development.)

    Will we see static methods within classes and will it be possible to call these methods from the command line or externally?

    One feature that would be nice would be being able to annotate classes and then access these annotations via some kind of class dictionary class. This will be especially useful for functionality such as serialising objects into different format types.

    I was also wondering what the connection between PIP tables and PIP classes will be? Will one exist without the other or will they have a symbiotic relationship (the latter being preferable). I.e. Will there be a database class type with methods such as Save and OpenId.