Pioneers 0.12.4 released

Pioneers 0.12.4 has been released.
* New features:
* Added a logbot type computer player. With thanks to Andreas Steinel
* New map: North Americ by Ron Yorgason
* New map: Ubuntuland by Matt Perry
* Added a close button on tab pages. With thanks to Anti Sullin
* Use AVAHI, With thanks to Andreas Steinel
* In the connect dialog, the games can be sorted
* Computer player uses the soldier cards and monopoly cards better
* New theme ccFlickr, by Aaron Williamson
* Tooltips for the development cards. With thanks to Aaron Williamson
* The editor can set/unset nosetup nodes
* Bugfixes
* Fixed the FreeCIV-like and Wesnoth-like themes
* The computer player is more stable
* The meta-server is more stable
* Use the correct size for the icons in the context menu in the editor

Posted by Roland Clobus 2011-01-26