#13 Patches for Linux - First Set


These are a set of patches to ABC to bring it up
properly under Linux/Unix. We have it running 2.6.9 and
3.0.0 under wxPython 2.4 and 2.5, but there are some
serious "issues" with 2.5 - it crashes. There are
different problems with different versions of 2.5 so it
could be wxPython, but ABC is leaving threads running
so it could be ABC too. So it's necessary to maintain
wxPython 2.4 compatability, which is a good idea
anyway, as people running on Linux/Unix will be running
from the source and the software will have to run on a
wider variety of versions than a shrink-wrapped
application like on Windows. (There is also a Python
2.4 specific feature that has crept in and it will be a
while before Python 2.4 is standard, especially on
Redhat/Mandrake where the OS uses it heavily.)

We'll break the differences up into a series of patches
that deal with
one issue at a time to make the changes easier to

1) The first set of patches introduces 2.4 backward
The patches are in context diffs and can be applied by
the standard
"patch" program. You can simplify the code a lot by
going to the 2.4
style of wx.EVT instead of self.Bind which is forward
compatible and
at the same time, has no disadvantages.

The patch also contains the code to embed the icons in
the code as Python to simplify distribution as a single
executable and to speed startup. There's a Makefile to
generate the BmpImage.py file using the standard
wxPython img2py tool.