Linux installation question

  • Silent Wolf
    Silent Wolf

    Question - anyone care to explain to me how to install this in Linux? I've been a Windows user of ABC for some time now... trying to learn to use in Linux... I downloaded the source... and now... ???

    Thanks for any help - it's appreciated!

    • weary

      ok, this worked for me, on the 2.4.3 version.

      1. Make sure you have installed wxpython.
      If you use the gentoo distribution, type "emerge wxwidgets" to get it, for other distributions check your package system for it.

      2. Fix the python code
      Open "", insert before anything else the line
      import sys
      now save and quit
      do the same for the file ""
      (you may curse whoever left that bit out, if you like)

      3. start the program opening a terminal window, changing your working directory to the extracted directory ("cd ABC-Linux-V.2.4.3") followed by:
      python ./

      Good luck,

      oh, and everytime you see an "NameError: global name 'sys' is not defined" error message appear, open up the last mentioned file before the error message, and add the "import sys" line there

      • Wow, that was helpful.  It's very confusing because on Linux the package contents all come in as executable... implying that you can run just ./

        Good to know.  Maybe someone should add a little shell script for this that also makes it more explicit that it is the thing to run.

      • Bobbias

        ok, I installed one of the wxPython RPM's from the website (unicode and python version 2.4) and keep getting this message when using "python ./"

        Traceback (most recent call last):
          File "./", line 3, in ?
            from wxPython.wx import *
        ImportError: No module named wxPython.wx

        I have installed both the Redhat packages and the fedora core 2 packages, seeing as I don't have a package for Yoper (what is what I'm running on)

    • Sabinou

      Weary, if I were a girl I would have kissed you ;o)
      Thanks for the very useful explanation - I can finally make it work, yeeehah ! ^_^

    • smukec

      weary: thank you!
      I don't know why they don't put something like this in the readme...

    • Matthew Ng
      Matthew Ng

      Bobbias, do you have more than one wxPython version installed on your Linux? That's the problem I have encountered before. If it's true that you have more than one version installed, check the other Thread "Problem with wxPython" which I have posted a short code for solving the problem.

      Hope this will help.