#205 Resource pig and system failure


Version 3.1. While I really like the client, I'm
having a boatload of trouble with it. ABC will run for
a while, and if I watch memory useage, it just goes up
and up and up. At some point (and this is variable-
sometimes it will run fine for an hour, sometimes it
goes for 15 minutes and fails) traffic will just stop,
and the client will just sit there. When this happens,
Win2K is in the oddest state (and I've seen lots of
broken Windows machines!) I've ever seen it in. It's
like some sort of a zombie. Sometimes, I can bring up
task manager, sometimes I can't. Bringing up task
manager isn't really of much use though, because it
won't kill ABC. It lets you TRY to kill it, but
nothing happens. Can bring up the desktop, but usually
can't launch any other applications at this point- they
start, but nothing happens. Having a memory manager
like CacheMan running helps, but it only postpones the
inevitable. Only solution is a hard reset, or a REALLY
slow shhutdown period (like, 20 minutes). Of course,
since ABC never closed right, it goes and does a data
validity check each time I restart it. Ugly. Very ugly.

Interestingly, this behavior occurs only when I forward
my ports and let ABC "open up." If I keep the ports
unforwarded, ABC still uses a lot of memory, (and slows
the system way down), but not nearly as dramatically,
and it's never stopped running in this state.

This is bad, and it really does make the client
unusable for me. I see that others have reported
resource pig/memory leak issues with this client, going
back quite some time.

Is anyone going to look at this, or are we all wasting
our time?