Version 0.5.0 released!

The new version is released. Check out what's new:

* New: Labels! global labels to apply to any element (this is the first approach: just Movements and Contacts).
* New: Auto-login if user and pass are OK (it means, no more Login Screen)
* New: The system remember the column order if you reorganize them on a grid.
* New: "Remember password" check in Options window.
* New: New button on grids, "Restore columns". This will restore the default configuration for the grid columns (position, title, etc).
* Source code reorganization. Data layer abstraction.
* Issue: problems with some table names and Case Sensitivity. It happens on case sensitive SO's. It is fixed now by creating all tables on lower case.
* Fix: "Accomplish" filter button on Tasks grid.
* Fix: Editing Priority, loads wrong description.
* Fix: Selecting a Contact or Task Group as it's own parent Group.
* Fix: "projecto" word on About window with Spanish languaje.
* Fix: PIM Xtreme manual not included (oops!)
* Fix: infinite loop loading a Group/type tree on grids, when defined with cyclical reference. Now it throws an error message.
* Fix: Entering "0" (not "0.00") for an account in Movement window produces an error. Now fixed. You can also enter blank on the cell and it will be assumed as a 0.
* Fix: System does not remember config between versions. Now fixed but will take effect since next version (when upgrading from 0.5.0 to X.X.X).
* Fix: English translation minor fixes.
* Fix: UI tweaks.
* Fix: Database Manager. If you try to create the database, the system warns you if it already exists.
* Fix: Installer. Now detects whether if you already have the MS ReportViewer.

Posted by NekhroLord 2008-03-10