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Now supports GTK 2.6

For performance reasons, internal GTK structures are used to minimize memory allocations. The internal structure of GTK changed between 2.4 and 2.6, and will likely change again in 2.8.

tupim 1.5 works with GTK 2.6 -- only.

Posted by Saint Stephen 2005-02-15

More detailed screenshot

Shows a complicated schema with lots of data. Notice recordstrings from lookup tables are in parenethesis, and also notice Nested lookups.

It's really more of an MSAccess clone than anything else. Warning: Big!

Posted by Saint Stephen 2004-04-11

Long Description

Hierarchical personal data manager. Schemas and data are stored in XML. Uses GTK2. Designed for single users, small, personal databases.

Posted by Saint Stephen 2004-03-18


Posted by Saint Stephen 2004-03-18