On 11/30/06, Sean Egan <seanegan@gmail.com> wrote:
On 11/30/06, Richard Laager <rlaager@wiktel.com> wrote:
> > As an aside, have you guys considered a
> > gaim_buddy_icon_set/get_checksum() call? I was looking at how the
> > other prpls handle buddy icons and there seems to be a bit of
> > redundancy.
> Without looking at the specifics of it... If you can eliminate redundant
> code that way, I'd say go for it.

Each protocol can use a different checksumming mechanism. I think
Mark's just talking about having a standard attribute in the XML file
for buddy icon checksums, rather than having each prpl create its own.
In that sense, there's no redundant code.

 Yeah, Sean's right. I was thinking of replacing variations on the theme of

find_buddy() / find_buddies(); foreach

with one function. But in some places that would be less efficient, so it's not a good call.