I'll see what I can do.


On 10/25/05, Luke Schierer <lschiere@users.sf.net> wrote:
can anyone help this set of users?


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Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 19:08:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sally Parmlee <parmlee90@sbcglobal.net>
To: Luke Schierer <lschiere@users.sf.net>
Subject: Re: Help

Yes, we do have Windows XP and we did install Gaim 1.5.0.exe.  I have no idea what cygwin is, so I can't answer that question!  We get no error message, just that Sally is disconnected (this, by the way, is her mother).  I just went to check it out again, and I see that Sally removed it from the system.  When I re-downloaded Gaim, I used the directions from the first time I downloaded it.  Had no problem whatsoever the first time, but I had to competely recover my computer after the virus (so much for SBC virus protection!!), so I thought it would work just as well this time.  Should I be doing something different this time?  And yes, I am a novice when it comes to computers.

I really appreciate your taking the time to help us with this problem!!

Deb Parmlee

Luke Schierer <lschiere@users.sf.net> wrote:
On Sun, Oct 23, 2005 at 07:03:16PM -0700, Sally Parmlee wrote:
> We've recently had a virus removed from our computer and I've had to download GAIM again. I cannot seem to get it running. Could you please help me?
> Thank you in advance for you help.
> Sally Parmlee

I am assuming this is windows. which installer did you download?
the gaim-1.5.0.exe (file name might differ slightly) one? do you
have cygwin installed? does it produce any error message?


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