On 11/27/05, Peter Lawler <spam_spam_spam_and_spam@six-by-nine.com.au> wrote:
Richard Laager wrote:
> I'm not against having an option (this is one of those cases that
> doesn't matter to me much either way), but I always wonder why things
> like this are necessary. I personally just tell people to not be
> obnoxious.
> Richard

I've noticed if the sender of custom icons is on dialup, and they're
stupid enough to send a number of different custom icons, it basically
blocks all conversation with that person until the custom icons are
through. It would be very nice if there were some method to disable
custom receipts.


Not to mention that, ideally, Gaim should suit the user's tastes, not the other way around. Besides, the official client has got the option to turn off both "standard" and custom smileys. Not that I'm saying that we should implement all features found in M$'s client, but it gives an idea of what the user's expectations are.

Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, here are two amusing pictures to ilustrate my argument ;)