Thanks Kevin,
Looks like the problem was that I was trying to compile off the CVs source. I took the 1.2.1 source and everything works fine.
The Build fetcher is just AWESOME. I cleaned up everything, and used the script to install all the build dependencies.
Great job!

Kevin M Stange <> wrote:
speedmetal78 wrote:
> thanks for the response, Daniel,
> I took the nspr from the link pointed to in win32 build instruction
> page. I also have GTK runtimes binary directory in my path (since I am
> running gaim from win32-install-dir). Still seeing the problem.
> If you (or anyone else) has working win32 build, can you just zip up the
> following directories and post it up.
> gaim/
> win32-dev/
> I should be able to unzip that and just run a make..

If you have cygwin installed, you should try using my bash script which
will fetch all the build dependencies for you.

Take a look at the "build fetcher" at


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