thanks for the response, Daniel,
I took the nspr from the link pointed to in win32 build instruction page. I also have GTK runtimes binary directory in my path (since I am running gaim from win32-install-dir). Still seeing the problem.
If you (or anyone else) has working win32 build, can you just zip up the following directories and post it up.
I should be able to unzip that and just run a make..

Daniel Atallah <> wrote:
It sounds like you have the wrong nspr package. You shouldn't have a
libnspr4.dll, just a nspr4.dll. Then you should make clean (at least
under plugins/ssl).

On Apr 5, 2005 3:12 PM, speedmetal78 wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope this is the right alias for the question I have..
> This is the first time I am trying to compile the sources. I set up the
> environment as described in the win32 build page and did a "make -f
> Makefile.mingw install" which created a "win32-install-dir" and placed the
> files in there.
> When I double click on gaim.exe, I get the following errors:
> 1.
> "This application has failed to start because libnspr4.dll was not found.
> Re-installing the
> application may fix this problem."
> Gaim still starts after I press "ok" and logs into my yahoo accounts.
> However, when I go to the accounts section (Ctrl-A). I dont see the
> "Auto-login" option.
> I then copied over the libnspr4.dll from "win32-dev/nspr-4.4.1/lib/" into
> win32-install dir and restarted gaim. No errors but gaim hangs (not
> responding).
> I don't see libnspr4.dll in the official installed package (gaim1.2.1). I
> guess SSL uses this DLL..
> What are the build options that are used to build the official win32
> package?
> Am I missing something here?
> ++++++++++
> MywinXP ~/win32-dev
> $ ls
> aspell-dev-0-50-3-3 gtk_2_0 nspr-4.4.1 perl58
> tcl-8.4.5
> gaim-inst-deps gtkspell-2.0.6 nss-3.9 silc-toolkit-0.9.12
> ++++++++++
> MywinXP ~/gaim/win32-install-dir
> $ ls
> gaim.dll libnspr4.dll nssckbi.dll plds4.dll softokn3.dll
> gaim.exe locale perlmod plugins sounds
> idletrack.dll nspr4.dll pixmaps silc.dll ssl3.dll
> libgtkspell.dll nss3.dll plc4.dll silcclient.dll
> ++++++++++
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