More problems:
today a freind of mine told me, that he could not chat with me, because I was off-line.
(MSN protocol).
But in fac, I was on-line.
Strange thing, I could not see him in my buddy list, but I could see other MSN buddies.
After playing aroud with the status listbox (and the the status popup menu for the systray),
suddenly this buddy (and one another) appeared in my buddy list.
The probability that they both signed on exactly when I changed status is ... very small, I think.
So it look, this status thing is seroiusly broken. (and nonintuitive)
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I use Gaim 2.0.0beta2 on Windows.

I have two related issues :

 - what is the purpose of that ListBox at the bottom of the
"Buddy List" windows ? Why does it have so many duplicate entries?

 - recentylI tried to send a message to a MSN buddy and I got this printed
in the chat windows : "can not send messate due to invisible mode"
This is not the exact text. Wha does it mean ? Who is invisible ?
How can I check that ? How can I fix it ?

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