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One feature that would be useful

  • Albop

    I'm not a programmer, just a user. But I often start to write somthing and when my contact says somthing before I finish, I often have to erase my thoughts and to reply before I can rewrite what was going on.
    It would be nice if one could write more than one text at the  same time, using tabs or several forms.
    Maybe it already exists. I haven't seen it yet. Bye.

    • that is one nice feature that I would also like.  May be the developers could add this to the next gaim (not release but version). Anyways, I always do a cut and paste in moments like this, so someone could say it is not really necessary and/or the developers might not want to have something like this.
      I think it could be something good, especially when you already have something in the clipboard. That also happens to me a lot.