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Ability to group chat history for months?

  • Jose Carlos
    Jose Carlos

    hello friends. I wondered if there might be some way of grouping in Pidgin chat logs (logs) grouped by contacts and months, as currently only can be grouped by contact and not by months, this causes each conversation with a contact generate a new html file, so accumulate in a month many html files.

    Prior to microsoft messenger, and the extension "Messenger Plus!", I could group by contact and months like this:

    Is there any way to change pidgin so you could group like this?

    Best regards.

  • babi

    This will be really nice!!!
    The best solution will be save whole conversation from one contact into ONE file!!!
    Now, I have more than 22 000 files!!!! It's insane!!
    Hey, devs, please do something with that!!

    Sorry Pidgin, but you will be uninstall as soon as possible!

    Last edit: babi 2013-10-08