Away status?

  • david folen
    david folen

    is it just me or is there no way to know the away status that you set?  Also...  is there anyway to setit so it doesn't annoying popup with the away message?  Can it just be displayed on the title of gaim?

    • I would like to know how to disable the "annoying popup with the away message" as well.  Whenever I am running a game in full screen mode and I take a break, my away status comes on and the away popup hides the game.  Some less robust games will actually crash at this point.

    • DaRocker22

      There's an additional plugin that you can download and install that allows your to manage your Account State's, here's the URL

      The plugin is called: Account State

      Go to the above link, and go scroll all the way down to get the plugin. If on windows, get the .dll, other OS you'll need the source .tgz.

      To configure for Windows:
      Download the .dll, and place it into your /program files/gaim/plugins  directory.

      If running Gaim, close out and restart Gaim. Then go to Preferences-->Plugins  and check mark Account State in the plugin list.

      Then you'll see Account State show up in the tree view under Plugins, you can then click on that and set addition preferences.

      • Lloyd

        After reading the advice given to matr8x I tried installing the plugin for Windows, but when Gaim starts I get an error message saying:

        "The application or DLL c:\program files\ gaim\plugins\account_state.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette".

        Any ideas?

      • david folen
        david folen

        it works for me.  However.  It would be nice if it shows on the tray icon as well.  I don't understand why it's not included in the standard installation of gaim.