Connection to MSN thru Http Proxy Problem

  • Vital

    debug message looks like below:
    server: gaim 0.82.1 logging in using MSN
    msn: using http method
    http proxy: Connecting to via using HTTP
    http proxy: Connect would have blocked.
    http proxy: proxy connection established
    msn: C: NS 000: VER 1 MSNP9 MSNP8 CVR0
    GLib: giowin32.c:1621: 1392 is neither a file descriptor or a socket
    GLib: file giochannel.c: line 480 (g_io_add_watch_full): assertion `channel != NULL' failed
    GLib: file giochannel.c: line 104 (g_io_channel_unref): assertion `channel != NULL' failed
    account: Disconnecting account 01751010
    connection: Disconnecting connection 028EBC78
    blist: Destroying
    connection: Destroying connection 028EBC78

    1) i'm sure i use http method to msn in GAIM
    2) the same proxy works in MSN Messenger but doesnot work here in GAIM
    3) i need help though there're already lotta questions abt proxy problem

    • Either use http method or a proxy, not both at the same time.

      And don't use http method for now, it doesn't work for more than beeing online.