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voice chat?

  • KR-data

    To me it seems like there is a lot of interest in developing a plugin or something like to Gaim, so we'll get voice chat and webcam support. I tried to collect some people for developing a plugin like that, but it seems from this thread that the development has already begun.

    Is that true? In that case, are there a way to contact the group of developers, because if that is the case, it would be madness to start developing myself, instead of helping those who are developing. I'm quite new in C++, but I think I'm pretty fast at learning (we can give it a try ;) )

    If there aren't any groups developing right now, what about starting one?

    Please mail me at: KR-data@KR-data.dk if there is any interest.

    Best regards

  • Achton

    Probably because most of this thread it two years old and it seems gaim-vv (the project) was only started in February 2004.

    But I'm interested in the status of voice support for Gaim - is it still on the features-to-come-list, or has it been abandoned totally?

    On a side-note, the Skype API has been made available, though still only for Windows (for now, more info here: http://forum.skype.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=11620\).


    • Daniel Atallah
      Daniel Atallah

      Unless i'm mistaken, the Skype API is pretty much irrelevant to gaim because the Skype licensing isn't (even remotely) GPL compatible.

      • Achton

        Is MSN? I'd think it was pretty closed as well.. ?

      • Robert

        Is this to imply that ICQ & AIM have GPL compatible licenses??
        Maybe they do, but I thought I remembered both co.'s being upset by the Trillian client and I think I remember ICQ changing the protocol a few times to break Trillian (to which the Trillian guys patched and it was working again a day or 2 later.)

  • Luke Schierer
    Luke Schierer

    WinICQ and WinAIM (the official clients) are not gpl compatable.   they are in fact the same protocol, just a very flexible protocol that offers different capabilities and enforces different rules based on a couple different criteria, including the first character of the screenname (aim screennames must not start with a number, it will not let you register such a screenname), and the client (and client version) you claim to be.   aol did change the protocol several times, to block msn interoperablitiy, jabber transports, and later to block trillian.  Trillian, with help from gaim developers, was able to work around the blocks in fairly short order, as gaim worked around similar blocks (targeting msn and jabber respectively, but affecting gaim as well.  we were not affected by blocks targetting trillian). 

    the licensing of the api and clients is not really relevent where it is possible to reverse enginner the protocol without use of a decompiler (or similar means of viewing the un-gpl'ed code).  reverse engineering for compatability is legal in most (if not all) juridictions. (I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, just my opinion).