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Matt Olsen
  • Matt Olsen
    Matt Olsen

    Is there any kind of roadmap which we can see what features are planned for furture releases of gaim as well as when they are expected to be implemented?

    • Lee Roach
      Lee Roach

      According to http://gaim.sf.net/roadmap.png, we're just twiddling our thumbs until armageddon. Last I heard, armageddon conflicts with Gaim's license, and I'm not sure when that's going to be resolved.

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    • That roadmap should at least be removed if not updated, since it's too outdated.
      Currently gaim CVS HEAD needs much work to become usable and CVS oldstatus only gets bugfixes.

      • Ka-Hing Cheung
        Ka-Hing Cheung

        That roadmap is a joke, in case anyone failed to notice.

    • Craig Harding
      Craig Harding

      joke.. really?