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Pidgin-Encryption / News: Recent posts

Gaim-Encryption now does Windows

The Gaim-Encryption plugin now works with the Win32 port of Gaim. Now you can have the same strong RSA encryption and automatic key transmission under Windows.

Posted by Bill Tompkins 2003-02-16

Gaim-Encryption plugin now on its own page

The Gaim encryption plugin previously posted on the Gaim plugins page ( http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=435030&group_id=235&atid=390395 ) now has its own SourceForge project page ( http://gaim-encryption.sourceforge.net ).

The plugin offers the same OpenSSL-based RSA encryption that it has in the past, just at a new home.

Posted by Bill Tompkins 2002-07-20