Pidin-Encryption and Pidgin 2.6.1?

  • mieses

    Has anyone successfully used Pidin-Encryption with Pidgin 2.6.1?

    I copied encrypt.dll into the plugins directory.  The buttons and plugin control panel work.  But encrypted messaging is not working.  If I delete the known keys,  a new key is not offered when an encrypted message is received.  I had no problems with Pidgin 2.5.

    • Artur Pinheiro
      Artur Pinheiro

      the same is happening to me

      • Adam Stovicek
        Adam Stovicek

        I've been upgrading Pidgin on my Ubuntu machines through the Pidgin Developers PPA at Launchpad. Since 2.6.1, the plugin will not function properly with Google's XMPP. Yahoo still functions normally. I purged 2.6.1 and reinstalled 2.5.5 from the Jaunty repos and everything is back to normal.

    • Jimmy Jim
      Jimmy Jim

      I work with windows XP and can confirm these problems as well. I also dumped the 2.6.1 and installed 2.5.8. It now works as before, but logging on to ICQ fails. Read that this is due to a change in login scheme at AOL/ICQ and that this problem was resolved in the later versions of pidgin. Still, I'm a happy camper since the big three (Google/Yahoo/MSN) work fine.

      Any news if there's an Pidgin-Enc update coming or is this project dead as doornail?