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Why you don`t work together with OTR?

  • o190

    It`s nice that people care about privacy and encryption. But imo it`s much better if there are not to many incompatible ways to encrypt.

    Why don`t you join the OTR developement team? OTR seams to be the extension to gaim encryption. It provides more features, is platform and protocoll independet. The best it`s independent from gaim aswell (ok, there are not so many other messangers ablle to use gaim but miranda with native plugin and aim and admium due the localhost proxy).

    There is a toolkit so other instant messenger protocolls could include OTR encryption aswell. The OTR page says that it`s a bit better then gaim encryption. What`s your opinion? Could you write a statement about that to your faq aswell?

    You could pick up the best from each project. The gaim encryption website is much better, but OTR is a bit better because it has more feautres and can supply more messengers in the future.

    (Btw home of otr is\)