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#139 4k bit encryption appears broken

D Nyberg

I'm running Windows pidgin 2.4.2, pidgin enc 3.0 beta on ICQ and Yahoo

Friend 1 is running Windows pidgin 2.4.2, pidgin enc 3.0 beta on ICQ

Friend 2 is running Windows pidgin 2.4.2, pidgin enc 3.0 beta on Yahoo

Out of the box, everything runs beautifully.

I bumped my ICQ key to 4096 bits, Friend 1 and I had to go through a couple of hours of deleting keys, regenerating keys, etc, eventually got operational with his 1024 key and mine at 4096.

Friend 2 and I haven't been able to get encryption running again after I bumped my Yahoo key to 4096. We've gone through multiple deletion of old keys, restarting, regerating new keys etc, now can't even talk at 1024 on both sides. Symptom is message will display "requesting key" and pidgin (or the plugin) will begin consuming 100% CPU and do nothing further until killed and restarted. Another attempt to send encrypted and the same lockup occurs, affecting whomever tries to send encrypted. Plain text works ok. The keys do appear in the plugin's list, and match at both ends. So the key transfer does occur. But actually using encryption locks up the client, and so encryption becomes completely broken anyway.

It seems 4096 is in some fashion broken. 1024/4096 eventually worked in ICQ/ICQ mode. 4096/4096 we've not gotten running in ICQ/ICQ mode. Straying into 4096 at my end (ICQ) appears to have permanently broken all encryption in ICQ/Yahoo mode, even 1024/1024.


  • Bill Tompkins
    Bill Tompkins

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