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Piccolo XML Parser for Java / News: Recent posts

Piccolo 1.04 released

The fastest XML parser for Java is now a bit faster and has many bugs fixed. Benchmarks for all popular parsers are also available. See

Posted by Yuval Oren 2004-07-12

Piccolo 1.02 released

This release fixes all known bugs in Piccolo, mostly related to error handling. See the download notes for details.

Posted by Yuval Oren 2002-05-09

SAXBench moved

Future releases of SAXBench can be found at .

Posted by Yuval Oren 2002-04-28

SAXBench 2.0 Released

Java SAX parser benchmark software, with results and "xmlconf" conformance reports available at .

Posted by Yuval Oren 2002-04-14

Piccolo 1.0 Released

This release makes the fastest Java SAX parser faster at namespace processing, fixes conformance errors, and adds support for SAX 2 extensions and JAXP.

Posted by Yuval Oren 2002-04-14

Another Java XML parser?

Piccolo, a new Java SAX parser for XML, has just been released. If the benchmarks are correct, Piccolo is the fastest parser to date. See for software, docs, and benchmarks.

Posted by Yuval Oren 2002-03-13