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Boost your Piano playing skills with PianoBoo

PianoBooster is an Open Source program that helps with playing the piano and learning to sight read music. It's key feature is that it listens and follows what you are playing on the piano and waits for you to find and play the right notes. It helps you with this by giving you audio feed back. So if you play a wrong note then that note will have the Harpsichord sound but the right notes
will have the Piano sound.... read more

Posted by Louis B. 2009-12-01

PianoBooster version 0.5.0 has just been released

PianoBooster version 0.5.0 has been released.

If you dabble in music and have a Midi Piano keyboard lying around then give PianoBooster a go as it actually makes sight reading music fun!!!!!

You can watch a video of it in action on YouTube:


Download Piano Booster 0.5.0 from:

Posted by Louis B. 2008-11-28