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1.0 Release

phxUseTrack 1.0 is now available for download. It's a very simple application, and at this time there are no plans for further updates. It just works. If you like the application but need additional features not currently supported by the application, post a message about it. Time permitting, they can be added, and a new package will be released.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2010-04-09

New Project

phxUseTrack is a new open source project grown from an internal application we use at the Iowa City Public Library. The original software was called "PassTrack" and simply logged patrons' use of free bus passes over time. We scan a card barcode to validate the account, and provide a limited number of passes each week, per card. A second copy of the program was created to monitor parking validation in the same way. Now the application is being updated to add additional management features, statistics, and recombine those two applications into one configurable trunk. That will be phxUseTrack. It includes Innovative/III API calls to validate patron Library accounts, but that component is not required for use. Any unique identifier can be entered to log a use, and check for past uses. If you have any questions or comments about the project please feel free to post in the forums or contact me directly.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2010-03-20