#24 Workgroup server shared and private mail ideas



I used phoenix mail before and trying to use it as a
simple solution to a mail problem

I have a friend whom has a small network (<5 pc's) in
which i have setup a small xp workgroup with a
dedicated server machine (xp pro)

The company has a web / email hosting so pulling mail
from an internet server

Each user has an indvidual mail account and then there
is a general enquiries email account... i want all the
data to be kept on the server but the users to be able to
have access to their own mail (ntfs permissions) and
then them all with the shared mail box.

Is this a viable or good idea... or there another solution
or a way round this.

I set up a single application directory and then set up
the accounts for all the email boxes

i was thinking then of setting up a directory on their
home space with their private settings the .ini and use a
shortcut pointing at this directory

if needs be i get the server machine to poll for the mail
and then client would use that as a gateway.

can anyone see any pitfalls; any suggestions

many thanks