#11 Can't submit events / Event name cannot be empty



Pem is running ok in the root of my webserver (pem2.5b5.zip on Debian). Adding Events is not working - due to the "event name cannot be empty" problem -as it has been reported earlier. As suggested I tried to turn off "Required" for the "Event name" field (impossible to do this in the backend module - always reverted to required / did it in mysql database directly?!?!) - Unfortunately to no avail.

Please note, that in the "Event Information" section all input fields iE "Event Name" appear twice - is this, where pem gets confused ? How to avoid this?

Thank you for looking at this - otherwise PEM looks promising!!

Yours, Daniel


  • Kevin Hatch
    Kevin Hatch

    If you're seeing duplicate fields during the add-event form that means you've run the install script twice. There hasn't been a problem changing required field settings, so if you're seeing that it may be the duplicate field issue there as well. To fix that you'll need to wipe your tables and perform the install again just once.

    The required event name issue should be fixed now in the last beta5 release. Testing with multiple installs saw no sign of it. Are you using beta5? Does the problem still appear after you cleaned up the fields?

  • eumaios

    Hello kjhatch. Thank you very much.
    1) After wiping all the fields & on install, the double fields disappeared and as predicted I can now change the required field settings. These issues are solved. Cool.
    2) The required event name issue remained though - I double-checked that I am using the beta5 release (pem2.5b5.zip) - the one that is marked "Newest file" on sourceforge.net. While the property of the event name field is "visible" I can add events - if I set it to "required" I can't. I'm afraid on my system the beta5 release didn't solve the situation - can I test something to find out what is happening??

  • Kevin Hatch
    Kevin Hatch

    I'm setting up a new install on an external host to test database issues, and I'll see if I can replicate the required field issue again there.