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Phreedom ERP - Open Source Accounting / News: Recent posts

PhreeBooks R3.6 Released

The latest version of PhreeBooks (formerly also released under the Phreedom title) has been released in the PhreeBooks project. Source files may be found there.

Posted by Dave Premo 2013-09-23

Phreedom project merged with PhreeBooks

Effective immediately, the Phreedom project will be merged with the PhreeBooks project and will continue under the PhreeBooks name. New releases of PhreeBooks will be fully compatible with legacy Phreedom installs. This is more of a consolidation effort to help reduce workload of maintaining two essentially identical projects.

All future releases of PhreeBooks will include the Point Of Sale module as a core module instead of an add-on module as was the case in Release 3.5 and earlier.... read more

Posted by Dave 2013-06-26

Phreedom R3.5 Released

This release includes mostly bug fixes and optimization to the contacts and payment modules.

Posted by Dave 2012-11-20

Phreedom 3.1 Released

PheeSoft announces the release of version 3.1 with bug fixes and support for the new POS module.

Posted by Dave 2011-04-18

Phreedom Small Business Toolkit

PhreeSoft announces the release of the Phreedom Small Business Toolkit based on the established PhreeBooks accounting application. This release is identical to the PhreeBooks version 3.0 release and contain the core Phreedom structure and the necessary modules to operate the PhreeBooks accounting application.

Posted by Dave 2011-01-03