PhreeBooks R3.6 Release Candidate 3 Released

PhreeBooksR36RC3 Release Notes:

It should be noted that all Issues, bugs, and most enhancements and changes are reported, discussed and resolved through the PhreeBooks GitHub pages. This is a public forum and anyone can check all issues outstanding and resolved at any time:

The PhreeBooks development team would suggest that anybody using an earlier version of PhreeBooksR3.6 upgrade, where suitable, to this latest version.

Changes & Enhancements Summary:
- Rene has tidied up the Main Menu structure with the addition of Sub-Menus.
- Reorganization of BANKING menu to improve intuitive use
- Improved consistency between menu names and page names.

Resolved Issues Summary:
- Full list available on GitHub
- Most resolved Issues related to PB3.6 inventory improvements
- In some PB set-ups, the 'restore from back-up' didn't function as desired. Now resolved.
- Customer and Vendor deposit issues
- Price Sheets 'revise' functionality not functioning when SSL security set.

Issues Still Outstanding Summary:
- POS is still 'beta'.
- When using the 'Average' cost method for Inventory valuation, under certain circumstances the inventory valuation in financials doesn't match the inventory report. We therefore recommend that 'Average' cost method be avoided until this issue is resolved. Use FIFO, if suitable, instead.
- Applying Sales Tax to shipping from 'product default' needs fixing.
- Compatibility of OpenCart and perhaps ZenCart connectors with latest menu structure unconfirmed.

Due to the menu changes, all extensions will need to be upgraded to properly render the menus. Please visit the PhreeBooks Market for current downloads or pull the latest from the PhreeBooks project at GitHub.

I would like to thank all those who gave up their valuable private time to contribute to the considerable effort in testing, fixing and re-testing issues.
Thanks go to PB users Rene, Alvin, Charles, Hucka, Lyute and anybody else who has taken the time to submit an 'issue'.


  • download PB-R36RC3 from Sourceforge
  • make a remote back-up of your PB install
  • Logout of PB.
  • copy new PB files over existing PB files
  • Login – any updates to the DB will be automatically applied.
Posted by Dave Premo 2013-12-17