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PhpWiki / News: Recent posts

PhpWiki 1.5.3 released

This is a bug-fix and enhancement release.

  • Fix Bug#648 Call to protected method
  • easier file upload: forbidden characters in filename are replaced by dashes (instead of rejecting upload)
  • improve handling of image insertion icon in edit toolbar (icon did not always appear after image uploading)
  • bigger wikipaging font
  • test again for function 'posix_times', it does not exist on Windows (reported by jdebert)
  • remove FPDF, lib/gif.php, lib/font (were not used)
  • rename plugin _Retransform to DebugRetransform
  • use PHP ZIP class instead of home-made functions. ziplib renamed to mimelib
  • add SOAP scripts
  • rename FCKeditor to CKeditor
  • load theme pgsrc, if it exists
  • SUBPAGE_SEPARATOR removed, it must be '/'
  • RateIt plugin for Fusionforge
  • remove acdropdown and livesearch
  • remove CVS backend
Posted by Marc-Etienne Vargenau 2015-03-04

PhpWiki 1.5.2 released

This is a security fix release.
* Fix CVE-2014-5519: vulnerability in Ploticus plugin. http://www.cvedetails.com/cve/CVE-2014-5519/

Posted by Marc-Etienne Vargenau 2014-10-10

PhpWiki 1.5.1 released

This is a bug-fix release.

  • fix Bug#456 'Optimizing Database' message sometimes printed on page
  • remove FrameInclude plugin (frames are not supported in HTML 5)
  • sort tables with tablesorter jQuery plugin instead of sortable.js
  • fix Bug#636 Recursive include is not trapped
  • fix Bug#647 undefined method WikiDB_backend_dba::WikiDB_backend_dbaBase
  • correct total number of pages for AllPagesCreatedByMe, AllPagesOwnedByMe, AllPagesLastEditedByMe
  • fix Bug#607 BackLinks do not work inside a [[Help:RichTablePlugin|RichTable]]
  • fix Bug#646 Wrong number of links in BackLinks
  • make <includeonly> work
  • remove old WikiUser code (ENABLE_USER_NEW)
  • admin always has rights to see and modify pages, regardless of ACLs, to avoid locking himself out
  • add missing images in Sidebar theme
Posted by Marc-Etienne Vargenau 2014-10-02

PhpWiki 1.5.0 released

  • PhpWiki 1.5.0 needs at least PHP 5.3. It is compatible with PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5.
  • One single wiki markup, based on Wikicreole and compatible with classic phpWiki markup.
  • Full HTML 5 and CSS 3. A modern browser is needed.
  • Full UTF-8.
Posted by Marc-Etienne Vargenau 2014-07-29

PhpWiki 1.4.0 released

PhpWiki 1.4.0 is the same as PhpWiki 1.4.0RC1. It is the last release compatible with PHP 4.

Posted by Marc-Etienne Vargenau 2014-07-29

PhpWiki: 1.2.11 released

PhpWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone in PHP. A WikiWikiWeb is a site where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML form. Multiple storage backends, dynamic hyperlinking, themeable, scriptable by plugins, full authentication, ACL's.

PhpWiki 1.2.11 adds small fixes from user patches. I just forgot to release them in the last years, sorry.

  • support remove for $WhichDatabase = file
  • date => strftime by Pavel Zaichenko
  • localizable pcre_fix_posix_classes by Pavel Zaichenko,
    make A & I word-begin english specific
  • added russian locale by Pavel Zaichenko
  • added chinese locale by ShiningRay


Note that 1.2.x is the old-stable branch, which is not in active development since 2001 anymore. 1.3.x is the active branch with all the features.

Posted by Reini Urban 2008-03-18

phpwiki-1.3.14 released


If you use LDAP authentification this fixes the fix from 1.3.13 and 1.3.13p1.
Plus it contains some new stuff.

Fix the broken LDAP fix from 1.3.13p1
fixed sortby with multiple pagelists

changes all themeinfo.php files, moved global to method load() to be
easier derived from custom theme classes, main now calls $WikiTheme->load
MailNotify is now silent unless DEBUG... read more

Posted by Reini Urban 2007-07-01


1.3.13 patchset 1

If you use LDAP authentification this is an important security fix for 1.3.13.
Plus it contains some minor fixes:

  • fix action=upgrade for dba, rename nosql to nodb
  • fixes SpamBlockList config file locations (config/two-level-tlds, config/whitelist)
  • enable $MailNotify->onChangePage
  • fix display of pagenames containing ":" in certain lists
  • fixed backend asArray access to iterators (DebugInfo with SQL)
  • and some pgsrc fixes... read more
Posted by Reini Urban 2007-06-09

phpwiki-1.3.13 released

After more than one year intensive work we are proud to release the next version.

This is major feature release which will be the base for the stable 1.4.0. The highlights are SemanticWeb support, basic support for various WYSIWYG editors (not yet stable), a stable MonoBook (wikipedia) and blog theme, enabled acdropdown support (LiveSearch), postgresql and oracle enhancements, moving Help pages into Help/, support different charsets in pgsrc and Windows NTLM auth support via HttpAuth, a lot more plugins and enhancements. UTF-8 should work.... read more

Posted by Reini Urban 2007-06-02

phpwiki-1.3.13rc1 released

Release Candidate 1 released

This will be a major feature release which will be the base for the stable 1.4.0.
The highlights are SemanticWeb support, various WYSIWYG editors, a stable MonoBook theme (wikipedia), enabled acdropdown support
(LiveSearch), postgresql and oracle enhancements,
moving Help pages into Help/, support different charsets in pgsrc and Windows NTLM auth support via HttpAuth. utf-8 should work.

ReleaseNotes + ChangeLog:
http://phpwiki.cvs.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/phpwiki/pgsrc/ReleaseNotes?revision=1.70&view=markup ... read more

Posted by Reini Urban 2007-01-14

phpwiki-1.3.12p3 released

Posted by Reini Urban 2006-07-15

phpwiki-1.3.12p2 released

Fixed some more minor errors. Thanks to Joel Schaubert.

  • fix change prefs for File WikiUser
  • fix HomepagePrefs update message
  • remove plugin/Imdb
  • apply PluginToolbarButton fix from cvs


Posted by Reini Urban 2006-03-07


No new major release without stupid errors, sorry.
Fixed two syntax errors from 1.3.12



Posted by Reini Urban 2006-03-04

phpwiki-1.3.12 released

Rename function hash() and method final() for php-5.1 compatibility.
Apply various fixes as backports from cvs.



Posted by Reini Urban 2006-03-04

phpwiki-1.3.12_rc2 released

Release candidate 2 for 1.3.12
It fixes several php-5.1.x, postgresql and
ADODB issues.

These changes are not in CVS, it's a backport from CVS to the 1.3.11 tree.

Reports please only to the phpwiki-talk list.

Release Notes:

  • remove mysql specific ISNULL()
  • improve postgresql schemas (tsearch2 and stored procedures not yet)
  • ADODB syntax error fixed... read more
Posted by Reini Urban 2006-02-22

phpwiki-1.3.12_rc1 released

Release candidate for 1.3.12
It fixes several php-5.1.x issues.

Originally I only wanted to release a second patchset for 1.3.11, but then I found so many fixed bugs in CVS, which I backported to the 1.3.11 tree. So there's a new 1.3.12 release, which doesn't include all changes from CVS HEAD.
CVS HEAD struggles with better postgresql support, lots of pgsrc changes and esp. changes in the handling of internal links and its iterators, which are not fixed yet.... read more

Posted by Reini Urban 2006-02-19

phpwiki-1.3.11p1 released

Some minor fixes for the 1.3.11 release.

See http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=357322

Posted by Reini Urban 2005-09-18

phpwiki-1.3.11 released

Lots of bugfixes, and some feature and performance enhancements.
A new EDIT_TOOLBAR from mediawiki, more page permission enhancements,
reduced memory usage for pagelists which need no page content,
related improvement for OldMarkup crashes because of PCRE memory exhaustion.%%%
New <!plugin-list !> syntax and PhpWiki:PageListLibrary args.%%%
Because of SQL changes you'd need to ?action=upgrade to update for SQL.... read more

Posted by Reini Urban 2005-09-11

PhpWiki 1.2.10 released

PhpWiki 1.2.10 supports php5 with register_long_arrays = off.
Users not using php5 or not using register_long_arrays = off don't need to upgrade.


Note that 1.2.x is the old-stable branch, which is not in active development since 2001 anymore. 1.3.x is the active branch.

Posted by Reini Urban 2005-07-24

phpwiki XMLRPC vulnerability security advise

The phpxmlrpc library phpwiki-1.3.x from 2002/08/30 up to today is using is easily exploitable. The updated version xmlrpc-1.1 from the website even contains the exploit code, so it's very likely that you webserver will get "rooted" in the next week if your using phpwiki-1.3.4 or later.

See http://phpxmlrpc.sourceforge.net/
and http://www.gulftech.org/?node=research&article_id=00088-07022005... read more

Posted by Reini Urban 2005-07-06

PhpWiki 1.2.9 released

PhpWiki 1.2.9 fixes a bug introduced with 1.2.3 for dba and dbm:

  • Jose Vina fixed MostPopular sorting for dba and dbm
    which was broken since 1.2.3


Note that 1.2.x is the old-stable branch, which is not in active development since 2001 anymore. 1.3.x is the active branch.

Posted by Reini Urban 2005-04-16

phpwiki-1.3.11_rc3 released

Fixes since 1.3.11_rc2:

recursive PageList azhead+cols listing
RichTablePlugin embedded plugin invocation and more formatting issues
Template("theme/name") inclusion
"smaller" theme IE aesthetics
postgresql schema, thanks to Marius Andreiana
add _SERVER[REMOTE_USER] check for pubcookie et al
add ENABLE_DISCUSSION_LINK dependency (to turn it off for 1.3.11)
fix WIKIDB_NOCACHE_MARKUP (bug #1175761)
fix email regex for RFC822 addresses

See http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=319077
for the download link and detailed release notes.

It's considered more stable than 1.3.10.

Posted by Reini Urban 2005-04-09

phpwiki-1.3.11_rc2 released

Changes since 1.3.11_rc1:
fixed mysql unicode-latin1 issues (> 4.1)
fixed several WikiAdminRename issues,
added the icase and regex feature.
subpage problem not yet found.
fixed rename with dba
fixed diff printing &nbsp; before <HTML>
* fixed RecentCanges plugins defaults
(e.g. PageHistory with unknown pagename)

See http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=6121&package_id=31289
for the download link and detailed release notes.... read more

Posted by Reini Urban 2005-04-02

phpwiki-1.2.8 released

The old-stable branch needed some fixes, which I did in January 30, but needed some time to get to a release.

  • register_globals=off fix:
    fix and centralize broken register_globals=off logic.
  • update message catalog
  • replace mysql_pconnect by mysql_connect

See http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=6121&package_id=14187&release_id=317430

Posted by Reini Urban 2005-04-02

phpwiki-1.2.7 released

phpwiki-1.2.7 contains minor feature enhancement and fixes, detected in the cvs release-1_2-branch, backported from 2001 and early 2002 fixes, which were never released with 1.2.3 up to 1.2.6.
cvs tags are also properly updated for the -b release-1_2-branch

  • full xhtml conformity
  • split_pagename in title and header to help google
  • "INSTALL.Mac OS X" added from cvs
  • lib/zipfile.php: Content-Disposition: attachment
  • lib/config.php, lib/stdlib.php: support new USE_LINK_ICONS and AUTOSPLIT_WIKIWORDS, better i18n $!WikiNameRegexp
  • re-added images/* LINK_ICONS, pre-calculate DATA_PATH
  • locale/*: fix and update strings and templates esp. for german,
  • index.php: urlparser extended to omit &start_debug=1 and other args
  • added minor_edit checkbox
  • print more meta tags: robots, favicon, language and PHPWIKI_VERSION
  • dbalib: dba default detection for dba/dbm and take best handler, fix timeout logic, improve error diagnostics: print errors after the first failing attempts... read more
Posted by Reini Urban 2005-01-07