1.1.6 out!

                  This is a major revision from previous releases and is a milestone in the project's

                  PhpWiki still installs "right out of the box." Just gunzip and untar in a directory  under
                  your web tree, and you have a Wiki.

                  The database schema has been vastly improved. It's almost normalized now ;-)
                  It will pave the way for a set of new features that will be in release 1.2.

                  We've added templates; it will be really easy to "theme"  the look of your Wiki now. 
                  See the README in the templates/ directory.

                  Supported databases now include MySQL, Postgresql and mSQL. The mSQL interface is
                  still under development though, and it's unlikely you'll get it to work in this release (but in 
                  1.1.7 it will be fine). Read the INSTALL for the particular db you want to use.
Posted by Steve Wainstead 2000-06-26