Hi phpwiki-ers,

I'm starting a consumer web startup that's going to build a lot of really interesting features on top of an existing wiki platform (phpwiki is one of the five we've narrowed it down to) and we're looking for a superstar developer with wiki experience to join the team.

We are a company:

Who wants to use the power of Wiki to solve a big problem for consumers.  Part of our vision involves extending the functionality of one of the major wiki platforms with innovative features that pose exciting technical challenges.  Be one of the first people to join a consumer web startup which could put a lot of large companies out of business.

You are someone who:

Specifically, we need someone who has a lot of valuable experience building and extending the feature set of wiki platforms.  You also need experience designing and building highly-available and fault tolerant consumer web applications with performance, scalability, stability, and security in mind.  This means you're very adept at:

Past experience with the following will make you even better able to contribute to the team:

You will:

 We will:

Interested candidates should send your resume to stealth.job@gmail.com with Wiki Guru in the subject line.  Please also include in your email a summary of your past work with wiki platforms (which ones you've worked with and what your contributions have been to them).