I was able to get the latest version from cvs (I'm glad sf fixed that ;-) and I'm running into some small problems.
To isolate these I wanted to make sure there havent been any format changes, so I tried the upgrad link on the admin page.  But that errored off (I have to change config to get the error message).
Well, after that, I created a new database and loaded the mysql.sql schema.  There seems to be an error on the version table ddl, but I don't see what it is.  Creating the table by hand in phpMyAdmin seemed to work fine.  I then tried to load the page dump from the previous wiki and it loads only the first version of each page, not the page with it's history.  If I unzip the dump and place in the pgsrc directory, the restore does the same thing.
To reproduce this, you should be able to dump a wiki with the history into a zip file, then restore this on a blank wiki db.  You will get conflicts for each version of a file and only the first version will be loaded.
I'm using a MySQL database with the SQL driver, Apache 2.0.48, Php 4.3.4.
John Cole