Both of those patches worked and now I have zero warnings when changing a user password.

Thanks for the help, I am quite happy about upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3 and getting all of these new features.

>Please move the wrong plugin Imdb.php away.
>You need the library from the theme which does not exist.

Unfortunately I did not understand what this meant since I did not have any lmdb.php file nor referece to it in my config.ini as you can see here.....

pixiefox wiki # find . -name lmdb.php
pixiefox wiki # grep lmdb config/config.ini

On 3/7/06, Reini Urban <> wrote:
joel schaubert schrieb:
> Exellent.
> Fix applied and verified.
> My password has now been changed correctly in the password file.
> Thanks Reini!
> Now there are hardly any errors at the bottom of the page, I include
> them just for referece since they are not causing me any issues that I
> can tell.
> lib/WikiUserNew.php (In template 'body' < 'html'):1116: Notice[8]:
> Undefined property: _FilePassUser::$_HomePagehandle

        if ($num = _AnonUser::setPreferences($prefs, $id_only)) {
            // Encode only the _prefs array of the UserPreference object
            if (!empty($this->_HomePagehandle) and !$id_only) {
                $this->_HomePagehandle->set('pref', $this->_prefs->store());
        return $num;

> lib/Request.php:436: Notice[8]: Undefined property:
> Request_AccessLog::$logtable

            if (!empty($this->_accesslog->logtable))

I think this is it.
Please move the wrong plugin Imdb.php away.
You need the library from the theme which does not exist.
Reini Urban

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