>  > hey, you're cheating! there's no support for pulldowns in the CVS's
>  > version! ;)
> It is, it is, just added it. :)

i still can't have it... the anoncvs server of sf.net is slow at synching...
>  > btw, i noticed that the "break;" is still missing for hidden[].
> That's the last so it doesn't need a break.

in the version i have (current anonCVS), pulldown[] is the last item so hidden[] won't work w/o the break.

about AppendText:

> The only "major" problem we have now is the
> "Go to ", HTML::em(WikiLink($pagename)), "." part, which should be
> translatable.
> sprintf("Go to %s.", HTML::em(WikiLink($pagename)) is forbidden.
> Only
> $link = HTML::em(WikiLink($pagename));
> HTML::Raw(sprintf("Go to %s.", $link->asXml()); would work.

i guess you meant:
HTML::Raw(sprintf(_("Go to %s."), $link->asXml());

anyway, i leave that part up to you, you know what would suit best more than i do.

>  >> if you have the patience to help me with some of my
> frustrations...
>  >> here they are:
>    - how do i cleanly redirect, with:
> "$request->redirect(WikiURL($pagename);"
> solved?


> CSS is a horror.
> try theme=sidebar (from CVS, not from 1.3.10)
> This is quite ok.
> The MonoBook sidebar is not yet stable enough. (MSIE issues)
> Wordpress is limited.

thank you for the informations!