I've tried using the CategoryGroup page, and I can get the groups to appear in the setacl page - but I can't seem to get the acl to work.
Really I want to use the DB option for the groups as well as the users - that way it will hopefully be a lot easier to manage.
I'm looking to be running one wiki with mutliple sections ie Company1, Company2, Org1, Charity1 - most people will only be in one group ie Company1Group, Company2Group, Org1Group, Charity1Group vut some will be in more than one (they won't necessarily be administrators either)
I'd then like to define that further, so Company1Group is actualyl Company1View, Company1Edit, Company1Create etc etc.

On 16/10/2007, Reini Urban <rurban@x-ray.at> wrote:
Alastair Weller schrieb:
> I've solved the user issue - however I now can't get my head around
> the groups issue.

Do you still need help about the groups?

"CategoryGroup" has this:

All links in this page will be used to find user groups for the
WIKIPAGE group method.  User group pages must contain a list of
usernames, and then for consistency after four hyphens a link to this

* [Administrators]

So you have to create the page "Administrators"
and list the names of users there.

* [MyTestUser]
* [Real Name]

and lock the pages.
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P Before you print think about the ENVIRONMENT