1.2.11 - Admin Login Failure

  • Jackalgirl

    Hello, all --

    Just installed phpWiki 1.2.11 (five times). I am having the very common
    problem of not being able to login as Administrator -- I'm prompted for ID and
    password but the login fails (it doesn't recognize my credentials, even though
    I've copied and pasted directly out of the admin.php file).

    I've searched the Forum (and Google) for two hours looking for solutions, but
    nothing is helping.

    1) .htaccess -- don't have access to it on my server
    2) ENCRYPTED_PASSWD in admin.php -- not in my admin.php file (I'm guessing
    that's a 1.3 thing)
    3) Adding code* to config.php -- made no difference
    4) Changing $_SERVER to $_ENV in, I guess, config.php -- also made no
    difference (but in all fairness to the suggestion, the suggestion literally
    was "change $_SERVER to $_ENV" with absolutely no mention of which file, or
    files, to edit with this change).

    *if (!ini_get('register_globals'))

    Does anyone have a fix besides completely disabling the authentication? (I'd
    rather not do that)

    Thanks in advance!

    -- Kat