Install 1.3.14 bugs and solutions

  • Bernard Bel
    Bernard Bel

    I installed several new PhpWikis in version 1.3.14 (for MySQL) and upgraded a few from 1.3.13p1.

    1) There are 2 bugs in "mssql-initialize.sql" that make it a nightmare for MySQL dummies to install this version :

    • Two missing spaces after "--" at the beginning of comment lines. These may yield a fatal error message when importing this database via PhpMyAdmin.

    • The structure of the database created with "mssql-initialize.sql" is incomplete. After importing it, you will need to run PhpMyAdmin and insert a new field (INT type) named "relation" into the "link" table. Otherwise the initialization of your Wiki will abort with a horrible database error message.

    2) There is a bug in the design of the "wikilens" theme. Never set your preference to this theme ! Otherwise you won't be able to display any page, including UserPreferences, with the effect that you cannot revert to a friendly theme any more. :-((

    If this happens, or to prevent this from happening, modify the file theme/wikilens/themeinfo.php as follows, commenting out the last three lines:
    // $WikiTheme = new Theme_Wikilens('wikilens');
    // require_once("lib/wikilens/CustomPrefs.php");
    // require_once("lib/wikilens/PageListColumns.php");

    3) Beware of a size limit if you import another PhpWiki. I tried to import an old site for which the full-archive zip file was 2.5 Mbytes. PhpWiki imported many pages but it abandonned the job without a notice... Fortunately the old site was still running, so I produced an instant-backup zip file measuring 1.3 Mbytes which was successfully imported (and did not clash with whatever had been imported from the full archive). If this is caused by a size limit, we urge PhpWiki designers to tackle this issue before our instant-backup files grow beyond the limit!

    Rethinking about it, it is not unlikely that launching the import procedure several times would allow it to complete the job, as previously imported pages are ignored.

    4) The following may not be bugs in the distribution but problems arising from incorrect rights in the expanded archive:

    • In the "phpwiki" directory I needed to do
      chmod +r .htaccess
      otherwise Apache would refuse to display any page since ".htacess" was invisible.

    • In the same directory I did
      chmod -R 755 themes
      otherwise cascading stylesheets (CSS) were not taken into account.

    5) This is not a bug but a feature not well documented. If you wish to replace the PhpWiki logo with a customized one, in this new version it should not be named "logo.png" but "ThisNameLogo.png" if the wiki's name is "ThisName". The file should be uploaded to www/phpwiki/themes/default/images and the customized logo will be displayed regardless of the theme that you selected, unlike previous versions. The same remark applies to "signature.png" that may be replaced with "ThisNameSignature.png"

    Bernard Bel - an enthusiast user of PhpWiki
    Laboratoire Parole et Langage, CNRS, France