• Sourceforge is shutting down its forums to use vbulletin. We will NO LONGER VISIT the sourceforge forums.

    If you need help, go to

    We will also not be using the Sourceforge ticket system. Instead we will be relying on our own Trac. I am in the process of moving issues over.

    Here is the new address:

    Currently, public submission of tickets are not allowed. Posting in phpwsforums usually will translate into getting a ticket created. If you are helpful enough in phpwsforums, we can look into giving you a ticket creation account.

    There will not be another major release in 1.x. Instead we will be concentrating on 2.0. I will be updating modules in 1.x should bugs arise so check Boost.

    Thank you for trying phpWebSite!


  • Louise Lexus
    Louise Lexus

    Just a note to everyone about this post!

    Seems that the phpwebsite team has moved address. I realize this is an old post however there are a number of new posts on this forum. Just a reminder to everyone to check the new address listed above.

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